At the heart of our product suite is Passport 4000, our core messaging system. All our messaging solutions are built around it. Passport 4000 provides a central networked resource for sending and receiving messages of all kinds and is available in configurations to suit specific environments:

Passport 4000 Enterprise (E)

Passport 4000 Enterprise (E) provides secure, track-able messaging solutions for enterprise-level organisations operating across multiple-sites or across borders. The system enables entire operations to share data across multiple servers on a corporate network, providing a scalable central network resource for users, workgroups and applications.

Messaging solutions can be sent, received and tracked via email and web interfaces from MFP devices and from within applications. Network administrators benefit from consolidated messaging and are provided with a means of tracking information coming into and going out of the organisation.

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Passport 4000 Small Business Edition (SBE)

Passport 4000 Small Business Edition (SBE) is a fully featured messaging system that delivers secure and track-able messages. The system is presented in 2 and 4 line configurations aimed at the needs of smaller businesses or departments within larger organisations.

The system allows working professionals to get secure and accurate data, in the right time and demonstrates the highest standards, with 100% track-ability. Furthermore, the system is a cost effective, easy to use, simple to manage and centralised messaging solution.

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Passport 4000C (Cloud Solution)

The Passport4000C is a flexible and scalable Integrated Messaging solution that can grow to suit your needs to help ensure your organisation stays productive and competitive.

The Passport4000C is one of the most robust messaging solutions on the market. Imagine having the power of the Passport4000C to integrate all your document delivery needs into one compliant, scalable and cost effective solution.

As a cloud based service, the Passport4000C gives you a completely integrated message management solution simplifying the daunting task of effectively communicating with the people who matter most – your customers and colleagues.

For more product details, please see brochure.