Fax has endured as a reliable and trusted messaging solution for many decades because it offers compelling advantages. Information goes securely point to point so it's un-hackable. Integrity and delivery are ensured providing confidence and compliance and with full audit trails. And not least, it is widely accepted because phone lines and fax machines are ubiquitous the world over.

That is why Lane still offers class leading Fax solutions.

Fax 2.0

Now Lane offer's a digital powered equivalent to traditional Fax. Lane Fax 2.0 harnesses the convenience and cost advantages of the internet for message transmission whilst maintainng the protocol benefits of tradditional Fax.


For ultra secure requirments such as some Healthcare ad Banking applicaitons, Fax2.0 can be run over a private or dedicated network and securely integrated at each end.

Lane 3DS (Direct Delivered Document System) solutions combine with Fax 2.0 to offer a digital equivalent of the point to point fax approach. With full digitisation and Lane interoperability connectors, transmitted information can be integrated into work flows at each end. 3DS documents are seamlessly and securely exchanged between organisations and within organisations.