FAX2.0 combines the best of Fax with the power of the internet.

FAX2.0 uses our advanced integrated messaging platform Passport 4000 to put all your fax and data communications over the internet.  Customers retain the security and audit benefits of fax; but enjoy greater convenience of a fully digital service, and no longer need to maintain a phone infrastructure or fax machines.

Passport4000 is the latest version of the Passport series. It is one of the most robust messaging solutions on the market and has been serving Faxes for the most demanding customers over three decades.  Passport 4000 is now an integrated messaging platform and is able to integrate all your document delivery needs into one compliant, scalable and cost effective solution.  Whilst Fax2.0 sends messages over the internet, the Passport4000 system itself is available as traditional onsite software or as a service from the cloud, according to preference.

  fax2.0 fax messaging


FAX2.0 Benefits At A Glance

Simple and convenient cloud based fax and critical messaging service accessed securely over the internet.

All the benefits and cost-savings of a market leading, tried and tested Cloud based Fax platform. Imagine enjoying the traditional benefits of Fax:

  • Point to point
  • Secure
  • Transmission and delivery receipts for compliance.


Outstanding performance and fully secure

  • Increased and simplified compliance with a consolidated communications platform and all confirmations, (audit trail), stored in one place.
  • Faster transmission of faxes – instantaneous when sending to other FAX0 recipients.
  • Reliable transmission of Faxes, (no drop outs or re-starts, guaranteed message integrity).
  • Versatile, any input to any output format. (e.g. Fax, email, application data etc.).
  • Security – fully encrypted and secure

Eliminate or drive down costs

  • Elimination of PSTN supplier, PSTN fax ports and on site software hosting.
  • No PSTN call charges. No PSTN equipment.
  • Elimination of associated PSTN maintenance overhead – internal time and expense.
  • Highly flexible, easy to scale up or down as required and more convenient than ever

Convenient & flexible

  • Enjoy the benefits and convenience of a professional single communications supplier.
  • Consolidation of fax and other critical messaging systems.
  • The option to offer your clients (fax recipients) a virtual fax machine using the same system – in order to receive encrypted electronic faxes.

Latest Cloud-based technology

  • No more software obsolescence, maintenance and updates to worry about. Always enjoy the latest version of technology and immediately benefit from security and efficiency enhancements.
  • No single point of failure.
  • Built-in scalability, disaster recovery and business continuity.


FAX2.0 Datasheet - How Does It Work?

FAX2.0 uses our advanced integrated messaging platform Passport4000 to put all your fax communications securely over the internet.  The entire system is available as a cloud service or on-site as preferred.

FAX2.0 enables a reduction or elimination of the use of PSTN lines and ports, and on-site server and software maintenance.  Whilst increasing compliance with a comprehensive end-to-end digital audit trail and message archives.

Compliant & Secure

Security is a clear differentiator when comparing other outsourced fax services to FAX2.0. FAX2.0 incorporates a multi-level encryption/security system as a comprehensive approach to information and electronic security.

In addition, all fax transactions are processed in a secure and encrypted database and images and content only persists for the life of the transmission and is then destroyed. FAX2.0 meets all regulatory compliance requirements.

What About Costs?

Drive Down or Eliminate Costs

FAX2.0  will cost no more than existing fax solutions to use ongoing but without the capital outlay and associated internal overhead of running PSTN infrastructure.

There is no requirement for a PSTN supplier, PSTN fax ports, PSTN call charges, PSTN equipment and on-site software hosting, which in turn significantly drives down capital expenditure and running costs.

Fully Hosted, Flexible & Compliant Fax Solution

Simply replace your current fax systems with FAX2.0, a fully hosted, flexible and volume-based solution. 

Full compliance through security, audit and archive are still maintained. FAX2.0 is highly scalable, making it suitable for any size organization. 

Fully Integrated Communications

By using Passport4000, it integrates multiple applications. It allows an organization to cost effectively replace disparate messaging systems, reducing redundant and expensive transmission links, and in turn provide its users with a single, reliable and easy to manage platform significantly simplifying communications with your customers and colleagues.