The full power of Lane solutions is in the integration of data transmission with workflows at each end. This reduces handling, re-work, and potential for human processing errors.

Digital technology is transforming organisations in the way they interact with customers and in operational efficiency. Key to this is automating workflows to provide seamless and efficient experience for customers and employees.

Lane offers document workflow solutions and integration capabilities to join up disparate systems and enable hand off info across silos and departments. These can be assembled into holistic solutions for transmission, work flow and document management. These include:


Lane Universal Inbox

Organisations and departments receive information in different formats via different transports. This leads to a fragmented work flows. Lane Universal Inbox consolidates incoming information into a central application and distributes it to downstram worksflows and applications as required. Different formats from different sources can be viewed and processed with efficiency and security. The Lane system maintains an audit log and archives of everything coming through. Time is saved and handling errors reduced.


Lane Universal Outbox

Similarly organisations send information out from different systems and in different formats. Lane Universal Outbox allows applications and workflows to push information through a common platform.  This ensure constency, enables auditing, archiving and compliance and reduces complexity for users and support staff.


Lane Document Exchange

Document Exchange Reduces costs and delivers rapid ROI

Passport Document Exchange reduces costs and delivers rapid return on investment by enabling graphical signatures and multiple levels of authorisation to be applied to imaged documents via clear and intuitive user interfaces, the component improves staff productivity by delivering documents to the users who need them at their work stations.

Furthermore, the component reduces paper by presenting documents electronically, across your organisation, reduces storage demands, improves retrieval times and improves accuracy through exacting and detailed audit trail, which forces the input of key information, manages approvals, and defines how a document moves through a business process.

Document Exchange improves customer service

Document Exchange provides a versatile and robust communications for your customers and prospects. Additionally, a range of communications and system interfaces as well as a flexible architecture to create an unlimited number of secure workflows. This component is a streamlined and efficiently-managed inbound, outbound and internal communications system, with structured processing for different types of messages and documents.

Document Exchange increases security and ensures compliance

Passport Document Exchange addresses security and compliance concerns by providing high levels of document security; only authorised users can access specific documents; permissions-based rules limit the functions users can perform; and documents cannot be deleted on an ad-hoc basis.

This system component encompasses robust audit trails as a document enters the system and maintained throughout the workflow and into archive, recording user and system actions, the workflows force compliance, with demands for input of key information as well as defining how a document will move around the business process.

Ease of deployment

Passport 4000 Document Exchange enables you to create workflows simply by performing familiar drag-and-drop operations. Features include, ease construction; a graphical workflow designer gives flexibility; workflows can be constructed quickly and efficiently.

Document Exchange enterprise configuration

Passport 4000 Document Exchange, ensures distribution processing; with the appropriate underlying network infrastructure, workflows can encompass more than one geographical region. The system component has been designed to enable resilient configurations. Hot standby by cluster components allow strong disaster-recovery systems which can be deployed across your wide area network.

Download the Passport 4000 Document Exchange white paper – click here