Lane has a range of solutions that enable clients to take advantage of developments in cloud and digital technology for fax and secure messaging.

    • Fax 2.0: Transmission via internet
      The Passport Fax 2.0 interface sends data and messages over the internet so you don’t need to maintain a PSTN infrastructure. Fax 2.0 offers the benefits of traditional fax in secure and reliable messaging, whilst reducing the overhead and complexity of analogue lines. As with all Passport systems Fax 2.0 can send to and from any device in any format. Fax 2.0 can send to traditional analogue fax machines if required or direct to digital applications including Lane’s Fax 2.0 Virtual Fax Portal.
    • Fax 2.0 Virtual Fax Portal
      The Fax 2.0 Virtual Fax Portal enables users to receive faxes in digital form into a secure portal instead of a traditional Fax machine. From the portal they can be routed and processed as required. This eliminates paper and the need for a phone line and physical machine with a traditional system.
    • Passport messaging platform in the Cloud: P4000c
      Lane’s Passport messaging platform can be hosted on premise in the traditional way or offered as a software service, hosted in the cloud.
      Clients choose the cloud service to reduce the overhead of maintaining servers and support on their own sites. And also to rent software as a service, rather than purchase it outright.
      However, both cloud and on premise approaches have their merits and they can both can send faxes via either traditional phone lines or via Fax 2.0. So the right solution can be designed for your particular requirements.